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ipmasq dns problem

I have installed ipmasq as a firewall on a debian computer (Woody, kernel 2.4.18) placed between a DSL modem and a wireless router. The system works perfectly with the computers on the LAN using Woody or Testing but I have been unable to use Netscape from a computer using Windows ME. I can access the internet - i.e. I can ping internet IP addresses and get a response. If I start Netscape and try to reach the same addresses with domain names, Netscape times out trying to resolve the domain name.

After lengthy cnversations with tech support I have been told that this is because Windows expects network sharing to activated on the firewall server. Is this true? If it is true, how do I do it?

At this point the ipmasq installation is pure vanilla.

Any suggestions short of dumping the Windows ME opperating system would be greatly appreciated. Actually, I'd even be happy to dump Windows ME but my grandsons would rebel.

Tom George

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