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Re: Good Open Source Web Development software

-- Kevin Griffis <kgriffis@mcnallybusinesssolutions.com> wrote
(on Monday, 09 June 2003, 02:03 PM -0400):
> I would like to eventually do all my web development on my Linux laptop and
> ditch FrontPage altogether.  I am planning to build a site on a LAMP machine
> and was wondering what Open Source web design tools are out there for
> Debian.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

There's a ton. They're called editors.

No, really. There aren't any real WYSIWYG-style web development tools
for linux, not free, anyways. (Quanta Gold, from TheKompany, is a
commercial product; I haven't used it, though, so I can't comment on

As for which editors you might want to use... For a GUI editor, there's
BlueFish (gtk+ application) and quanta (KDE application; this is *not*
quanta gold), and the mozilla composer. For GUI text editors (general
purpose, not just web), kate (KDE advanced text editor), nedit (a
motif-based editor), and others are available. For more traditional
commandline editors, you might want to check out vim and/or emacs. vi
and/or vim is often the only thing around when you telnet or ssh to
another server, so it's not bad to learn at least basic vi commands. And
if you run 'apt-cache search editor', you're bound to come up with

Choose the one that fits your needs. 

I use vim... ;-)

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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