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Re: Debian x Redhat

On 05/06/03 Aryan Ameri did speaketh:

> RedHat does not have apt. apt was ported to support RPM long ago by 
> Connectiva. Now, you can manualy go and install apt on major RPM based 
> distros, like RedHat, SuSE and Mandrake. But, apt-rpm (as it is called) 
> does not enjoy the advantages that it enjoys in Debian. I used apt-rpm 
> when I had a RedHat 7.3 box, and it was completely useless. Because the 
> repositories are so small (again, because the original company does not 
> support it), that it is useless. Only a hanfull of applications, can 
> work with apt-rpm. 

    It's getting better, but yes, the repositories are much smaller.
Many are going to have to get behind the effort to make it work, and
there are alternatives such as yum, that divide the commmunity.
Meanwhile RedHat pushes up2date, their own pitiful effort, which pales
by comparison. 
    I was using Debian on all my boxes up until a couple of weeks ago,
when upgrading X in testing fried my X configuration and I had to start
over. I guess it needed more testing. :) I'm going to play with a few
other distros for a while, and then probably come back to Debian. That
was a surprise though. Unstable has bitten me, but never testing. 


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