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Re: Compiling 2.4.18-BF from apt-get source

Ben Kal <benkal@euronet.nl> writes:

> One more tip for dealing with Debian packages of custom kernels and
> other home-brewn 'Debianized' software: it is possible to maintain a
> local archive of Debian packages, on your hard disk, from which you
> can install packages with apt-get just like from a cd or an ftp
> site.

The mini-dinstall package (not in stable, I don't think) is great for
this.  I think it does check that you have GPG-signed changes files
for everything, though, which can be a slight pain.  (The normal
Debian package build process does give you these, and make-kpkg has
good hooks for it, but individual kernel module packages don't
necessarily support it well; I keep meaning to file bugs but never get
around to it.)

> It takes some trouble to add packages to (or remove them from) a local
> archive. In particular, after every addition or removal one has to run
> dpkg-scanpackages with the right parameters,

'dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9 > Packages.gz' is actually
sufficient for a single directory with just a bunch of packages.

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