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modem compatibilty

Some months ago I bought a modem as a spare for the wife.
At the time she ran W98 only. Now I've got her interested 
in Linux and she runs Knoppix as well as W2000.

I think the original modem is starting to give trouble, so
if possible I'd like to replace it with the spare, but I'm
not clear exactly what I have and the wealth of literature
seems to confuse me.

The modem is an external one made by (?for) Microcomputer
Research UK Ltd, uses a serial port and has a model No 1456 
EVS. The main chip inside the case shows:-
                        Smart SCM/56
                        CX 88168-11
                        0035   TAIWAN

MRI does not support Linux and staff are unable to say if it 
will work with Koppix. They were not disinterested, just 
unable to help.

Is anyone conversant with this modem and able to help. (I
can't find out what 'SCM' means - there's a lot of talk of
'HCF' and 'HSF' but I don't understand exactly what is 
involved there). 

Grateful for any assistance or pointers.


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