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Re: Strange file in my /etc


I would move it to '-src.old' or something else and see what happens.
'-src' is quite an strange name for a config file. : (

Are you noticing anything else on your system, a.e. strange network
activity, folders (w)out groups or owners, inexplicable SUID files et al.?! 


Eamon Roque.
----- Originalnachricht -----
Von: Jimmy Lu <kintaro@netvigator.com>
Datum: Sonntag, 1. Juni  2003, 3:38
Betreff: Strange file in my /etc

> Hello all,
> There is a binary file in my /etc directory.  The file name is "-
> src".  I am very worried because I've
> never noticed this file before.  Can someone tell me what is this 
> file for?  I am using Woody 3.0r1,
> kernel 2.4.18-586tsc. ls -l shows the following info. of this file.
>    -r--------    1    root    root        24  Mar  24   12:09    -src
> Thanks,
> Jimmy

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