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Re: woody 2.4 kernel netinstall and NIC autodetect?

>>>>> Geordie Birch <geordie@tao.ca>:

> Check the comprehensive install manual at debian.org.

The manual doesn't give an answer to my question.

> No documentation?  Nothing printed on the chips on the card, or no
> access to google?

I used the name of the card and google.

But that's beside the point.

I'll attempt rephrasing my question: was the 2.4 netinstall supposed
to autodetect NICs?  If it is, did I do something wrong when it
didn't?  And can I avoid it the next time.

I know that the 2.2 compact netinstall would have autodetected the
e100 card (because it has all NIC and disk drivers compiled in).

The reason I didn't go with that is that I wanted a procedure with as
few steps as possible (ie. a repeatable procedure I could make someone
else follow), to create a computer with the ext3 file system, and a
2.4-based kernel, and a minimal debian woody.

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