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Re: woody 2.4 kernel netinstall and NIC autodetect?

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 12:57:02PM +0200, Steinar Bang wrote:

> However, the e100 NIC wasn't detected either.  Was it supposed to have
> been?  Would it have, if the NIC had been connected?  (it wasn't)>

Check the comprehensive install manual at debian.org.  If it's not 
in there, it's not part of the debian install, unless you DIY (I do
some things myself on tty2 during debian installs, eg. use fdisk rather 
than cfdisk.)

> Since I had no documentation on this NIC, I was left with having to
> manually try all NIC drivers until one was successfully loaded.  And a
> RedHat enthusiast at work said: "doesn't debian autodetect hardware at
> install time?  RedHat does...".  Hmph...

No documentation?  Nothing printed on the chips on the card, or no 
access to google?

To find which driver I need I search google, using the letters and 
numbers printed on what appears to be the main chip of the NIC and the 
word linux as my search terms.  This often works (heh).


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