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horse at the gate


I hope this is not OT; I've lurked for a bit and this looks like the place to be.

I've been playing with Debian for the last few weeks and was looking for
some help getting started.

I come from a M$ backgound with a total *nix experience as a "Well" user
some 18 years ago.

I'm having trouble tracking down baby-step stuff.  I installed (testing my
"from floppy" skills) including X-Win and when I couldn't figure out how to
get the shell out of there, reinstall with no added packages.

Examples of where I'm looking for help:

Are there any basic text based tools, like old DOS file managers, for
navigation or inspection?  (I'm trying not to think like DOS, but it's
my native language and I'd like to start without any graphical interface.)

When wandering around how can I distinguish filetypes?  Is there a good

Looking at a file (eg 'vi -R /etc/profile'), I'm assuming this is a script.
What's a good reference fot translating this stuff?

I've been using 'man' as much as I can relate, but my understanding is that
this is not the most up to date source on a lot of things.

I'm working through a few tutorials but what I'm looking for is reference
material not tutorials.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you


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