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Re: horse at the gate

On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 18:05, wa dea wrote:
> hi,
> I hope this is not OT; I've lurked for a bit and this looks like the place 
> to be.
> I've been playing with Debian for the last few weeks and was looking for
> some help getting started.
> I come from a M$ backgound with a total *nix experience as a "Well" user
> some 18 years ago.
> I'm having trouble tracking down baby-step stuff.  I installed (testing my
> "from floppy" skills) including X-Win and when I couldn't figure out how to
> get the shell out of there, reinstall with no added packages.
> Examples of where I'm looking for help:
> Are there any basic text based tools, like old DOS file managers, for
> navigation or inspection?  (I'm trying not to think like DOS, but it's
> my native language and I'd like to start without any graphical interface.)
As other have said, mc (midnight commander - norton commander like tool)
> When wandering around how can I distinguish filetypes?  Is there a good
> reference?
well there are a few common ones:
text files, biniary files, scripts, configuration files
binary files (programs that run) normally have a /bin/ or /sbin/ in
their file path. If you 'vi' then they will look like gibberish.
scripts can be of many sort: perl, php, bash, sh. They may have a file
'extension': respectivley: .pl,.php,.sh,.sh. Also if you examine the
first line of a file and it begin with "#!" (called - she-bang) it is a
script. ie. a perl script will being with "#!/usr/bin/perl". The 'file'
utility will also help. Anything configuration file on a linux system is
in the /etc/ directory. most of these are text files.
> Looking at a file (eg 'vi -R /etc/profile'), I'm assuming this is a script.
> What's a good reference fot translating this stuff?
See above. (note some configuration files contain scripts)
> I've been using 'man' as much as I can relate, but my understanding is that
> this is not the most up to date source on a lot of things.
MAN is a VERY consise reference. mostly used once you know what you are
doing and forgot how.
> I'm working through a few tutorials but what I'm looking for is reference
> material not tutorials.
It is a GREAT tutorial please check it out!
(rute User's Tutorial and Exposition)
IBM has  a great linux resource
> Any help appreciated.
> Thank you
> Mada
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