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keyboard in X

Hi group,

There were some threads recently on keyboard layouts in X, but they do
not quite describe my problem.

I don't understand: xmodmap, XKB? What is the difference and how do I
know which one I use?

I did dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 and wanted the following:

us keyboard layout without dead keys, but _with_ a compose key.

How do I do that? I checked /etc/X11/xkb/rules/xfree86.lst and I
_should_ be able to do:

rules: xfree86
model: pc104
layout: us (or us_intl?)
variant: nodeadkeys
options: compose:menu (or altr or whatever)

but somehow, it doesn't work. The whole compose key stuff is ignored.
Moreover, if I have another option (like ctrl:swapcaps) on the same
line, it is ignored as well. If I choose us_intl, I have dead keys, no
compose key and thus the 'nodeadkeys' variant is ignored as well.

Also, when I _do_ choose us_intl (with dead keys, whether I want them or
not) my xterm only beeps when an iso8859-1 character would be displayed.
However, with LESSCHARSET=iso8859, my xterm is able to display these
characters (for example, the BRIDGE-STP-HOWTO is written by Uwe B\"ohme
and the o umlaut is displayed correctly).

Ah, purge the last paragraph from memory. The howto is written by Uwe
Böhme and that simply works in vim, not in bash.

So, I simply want to have nodeadkeys and a compose key.



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