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Re: The Hurd

On Thursday 29 May 2003 01:39, Kent West wrote:
> deFreese, Barry wrote:
> >>deFreese, Barry wrote:
> >>>>From: Kent West [mailto:westk@acu.edu]
> >>>>
> >>>>I just installed the Hurd on a Gateway E-1800. It's a bare
> >>>> minimum install, with lots of broken-ness.
> >>>
> >>>Which ISO did you use, K3??
> >
> >The latest should be K3.  DId you look here?
> >
> >ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/iso/
> No. However, since I seem to be broken pretty substantially at the
> moment, I may try downloading it and doing a reinstall. However, will
> that give me any advantage over fixing my current problem and just
> apt-get upgrading the system?
> It's about time for me to subscribe to the Debian-Hurd mailing list.
> The regulars here on this list might be getting tired of seeing
> Hurd-related stuff.

AFAIK this list's name is Debian-user, it doesn't mention what kernel, 
and I don't think it is only for Debian GNU/Linux users. I think it is 
a list for all debian users, no matter what the kernel is.

Sure, debian-hurd is more specific, but I don't consider Hurd stuff OT 
here. And last thing, I guess the number of hurd interested people in 
this list, is more than those in debian-hurd list ;-)


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Aryan Ameri

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