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Re: My first question on Debian

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 00:38, Bijan Soleymani wrote:
> Aryan Ameri <a.ameri@linuxiran.org> writes:
> > On Monday 19 May 2003 19:53, Alfredo Valles wrote:
> >> The Hurd is the drog of gnu people (The Hurd is a new and
> >> "perfect" kernel they are developing for some time now).
> >
> > Well it depends on what you call perfect. I personally wouldn't
> > call a kernel which has been in alpha stage for 10 years, and can
> > not still run a single usefull application, perfect.
> I've personnaly used it and it runs emacs, apache, ssh, X, gimp,
> mplayer (no sound...), etc. But yeah it's not perfect.
> > Perfect in my opinion is the solaris kernel, if it was licenes
> > under GNU GPL, I would have switched overnight.
> >
> > Ever had tha hard disk fail on your server? and in Solaris/Sparc,
> > simply remove the defected hard disk and add a new one. Without a
> > single reboot or interference in work. *That* I call near perfect.
> Solaris is often called Slowlaris. Not without reason. I have a
> couple of old Sun workstations at work, and I installed Debian on
> them.

Some versions were/are slow on old systems, I agree, but face it, they 
are a hardware company, and most of the people (not including you) only 
update their software with a new hardware. So...

> Also does Solaris provide this on Intel hardware!? I really don't
> think so.

So maybe this shows that there is an advantage between tight integration 
of software and hardware. 

Anyway, I am not advocating solaris here, I certainly run Debian on all 
my systems (and that is currently all intel hardware). 


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Aryan Ameri

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