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Re: DVD player and copying to Hard drive ...

I use mplayer, and this works perfectly. The default debian packages are
not optimized. You can get packages that are optimized for your specific
CPU from:

deb http://marillat.free.fr testing main


Op zo 25-05-2003, om 21:37 schreef Dave Selby:
> I am getting some DVDs and keen to try playing them on the PC
> I believe there are two majour DVD players, one is, xine  but I do not know 
> the name of the other, can anyone fill me in ?
> Secondly how do I copy a DVD to my hard drive ? Since it has no OS it will 
> not mount ... would I use
> dd if=/dec/cdrom of=/home/web/<movie title>
> Or is it more complex ... I suspect it is .. !
> Dave
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