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Need mutt explanation: "alternates"

Hi Debianistas,

The advice I need is seemingly not explained, but only briefly
referred to, in the Mutt documentation (`man mutt' or

A mutt variable (a variable mutt knows about, that might be typically
set in one's .muttrc file) named "$alternates", is apparently how to
tell Mutt that you are the same person in several variant forms. What I
need to have explained to me is whether this comes from a file (and that
file's path is what "$alternates" is to be set to) and what the format
of that file is supposed to be.

In replying, it is requested that you please not assume that I ought to
have been able to know this because, of course, everyone in the known
universe has at one time been an admin of 'sendmail' (I have not; I use

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