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Re: Hurd [was:M$ licenses Unix]

Barry deFreese wrote:
Mark L. Kahnt wrote:

I'm hoping that between questions you ask and ideas you spark, maybe it
is just one or two outstanding epiphanies (not the new browser being
developed on gecko) that break the logjam on the Hurd and prove my fears
wrong about its current condition. I wonder if they do need outside eyes
and some fresh curiosity to inspire the next big step.
It's kind of a curious group. I'm still confused quite a bit. I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about OS design (which is one of the reasons I'm tryin to get involved in the Hurd in the first place. But, they are working off of a kernel that seems to get little to no development while waiting for L4. Which from outside eyes almost seems to be being developed in a vacuum? The Cathedral?? :-)

Fresh curiosity plus old tricks might get something going. enjoying the fruits of his ill-gotten gains, bill convinced Yuri Gurevich, the creator of ASMs, to move from Ann Arbor to Redmond. why not see if some of yuri's students
are interested in the model?: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/gasm

Back somewhere in this thread someone mentioned that hurd was (supposed to be)
microkernel neutral. could someone explain that?

-- TT

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