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Trouble logging on to website w/ Mozilla

Greetings list,

I am having some trouble logging on to a website.  This is the error message I

> Your browser has been identified as indicated below:
> Netscape 5.0 (X11; en-US)
> This site supports the following browers:
> # Netscape Navigator version 4.06 or later
> # Netscape Communicator
> # Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later

When I go to the FAQ on how to setup the browser, it basically says that any
browser with 128-bit encryption and JavaScript is supported (with the exception
of Netscape 6.0).  I am using Mozilla 1.3 (from the unstable repository) and I
have JavaScript enabled.

I have already tried changing the browser agent string to try and tell the site
I am using IE5.5, but they must be detecting from something else because it
doesn't work.  I have already emailed their tech support and their answer was
basically, "That's not our problem, try using IE or Netscape."  Can anyone
suggest how to get around this?

-Roberto Sanchez

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