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Re: Mixed testing/unstable: make unstable packages wait for testing?

On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 01:37:32PM +0200, Steinar Bang wrote:
> >>>>> Jerome Acks Jr <jracksjr@bellatlantic.net>:
> >> Currently, unstable packages are updated from unstable when I do
> >> apt-get dist-upgrade.  Is it possible to make some packages wait
> >> until suitable upgrades arrives into testing instead?
> > Yes, by using pin-priority. 
> > $cat /etc/apt/preferences
> > Package: *
> > Pin: release a=testing
> > Pin-Priority: 990
> > Package: *
> > Pin: release a=unstable
> > Pin-Priority: 90

You could also set unstable pin-priority to 100. This setting will
allow upgrades to packages from unstable as new ones become available
but will prevent additional packages from unstable from being
installed automatically when you do an apt-get upgrade. When the
unstable package enters testing, it will be tracked from that point as
a testing package.
> I'm reading the man page apt_preferences(5), and I'm guessing that the
> choices of pin-priority means:
>  "Upgrade all packages from testing (the choice of pin-priority 990).
>   Only upgrade installed packages from unstable, if no version of the
>   package exists in testing (the choice of pin-priority 90)"
> Is this assumption correct?
> Hm... if so, what will the settings be if I wish to stabelize the
> system towards the next stable release?  Something like this, perhaps?

Use setting like in my prior message. Since testing will become the
next stable release, you should keep tracking testing for now. When
sarge/testing gets released as stable, you will need to change your
pin-priorities to 990 for stable and less than 100 for
testing and unstable.

> Package: *
> Pin: release a=stable
> Pin-Priority: 990

Only stable packages will get upgraded when you do apt-get upgrade.

> Package: *
> Pin: release a=testing
> Pin-Priority: 90
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=unstable
> Pin-Priority: 89

Since pin-priotities of testing and unstable are less than 100, any
packages from testing or unstable will not be upgraded by a simple
apt-get upgrade. You will need to do an apt-get install to get a
upgraded package.


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