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Re: Mixed testing/unstable: make unstable packages wait for testing?

>>>>> Jerome Acks Jr <jracksjr@bellatlantic.net>:

> You could also set unstable pin-priority to 100. This setting will
> allow upgrades to packages from unstable as new ones become
> available but will prevent additional packages from unstable from
> being installed automatically when you do an apt-get upgrade. When
> the unstable package enters testing, it will be tracked from that
> point as a testing package.

Just tried it.  The behaviour I see with an unstable pin-priority of
100, is very similar to what I had without these settings in the
preferences file, and with
	APT::Default-Release "testing";
in the apt.conf file.

With the preferences settings you have shown me, can I lose the
APT::Default-Release setting?  (ie. do the two, do the same thing?)


- Steinar

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