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Re: mkisofs with filenames > 64 characters

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 13:13:33 -0700 (PDT) Jason Unrein wrote:
> Anyone know if mkisofs can create an iso with
> filenames > 64 characters. 

When using Joliet, this has been working for me (from the manpage):

          Allow Joliet filenames to be up to 103 Unicode characters.  This
          breaks  the Joliet specification - but appears to work. Use with
          caution. ...

I use mkisofs to back up data from both Linux and Windows users on the
same CD, so the CD must be easily useable in any of those systems. The
command-line I use goes like this:

   mkisofs -r -D -L -l -graft-points -J -joliet-long -jcharset default ...

I don't claim to completely understand the effect of all those options, but
it hasn't failed me yet...


Carlos Sousa

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