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Re: CPU recommendations

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 10:44, alex wrote:
> A bit off topic for this list but I haven't been able to find any up
> to date documentation about the relative merits of the various brands of 
> CPUs especially for use with Debian. My only experience has been with 
> the Intel P2 333MHz and I plan to upgrade with a new faster motherboard.
> Could someone offer recommendations for a motherboard and 1.5 to 2 Ghz 
> CPU that perform well with Debian?   Cost is a consideration.

If your going to use this thing as a desktop system, then I would
personally go with a Celeron running on a good Intel or VIA mother
board.  Get one of the cheaper mother boards with the sdr ram.  Then
dump some of the money you saved into a descent Radeon and lots of ram. 
In my experience this gives you the best bang for your buck.  Also be
sure to check pricewatch.com for the best prices.

Scott Henson <debian-list@silvercoin.dyndns.org>

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