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Re: gdmconfig is broken

rcsanchez97@yahoo.es said:
> This is going to sound like a total n00b question, but here goes.  How do I
> correctly download the source (I have deb-src lines in sources.list and have
> read the man pages, but I still don't understand how source packages are
> managed)?

apt-get source gdm

> Then, how do I apply the patch (I've never patched before)?

Normally, it's:

cd gdm-x.x.x
patch -p1 < patch-file

but in this case, the patch is reversed because it's just pieces of the
debian diff that need undoing. To apply it in reverse you need to add -R
to the patch command.

> Also, how do I find out when the fix makes it into gdm code?

check the changelogs of each new version uploaded, and watch gdm's bug
page. apt-listchanges is very useful for the former. 

qa.debian.org is a great resource:


> And, how do I go back to the regular binary package later when the fix
> gets incorporated?

The fixed package will have a higher version, so apt will replace your
custom version.


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