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Re: libstdc++ breakage?

* Good Times (aaron@rdu90.com) [030430 22:01]:
> hi
> i want to downgrade this package
> but i've never been able to find the best way to do it
> i believe /etc/apt/preferences is the best way, but then what is the best way to find the previous version of the package?
> i see from this mail what it is, but for next time, is there an option
> to apt or dpkg that will give me all the previous versions of a
> package?

ls /var/cache/apt/archives

should have your previous version, if you haven't 'apt-get clean'ed.

apt-cache policy <packagename>

will show the versions available for download from your apt sources, the
priority of each, the currently installed version, and the best
candidate for installation, according to your preferences.

good times,
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