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Re: Setting up Woody on Laptop

Larry <doccpu@yahoo.com> writes:

> I gave up upgrading Potato to Woody, and just
> installed Woody on my Gateway laptop.
> Questions:
> 1) How to I get the man index installed?  I can do a
> man on a topic and see it, but if I do a "man -k
> topic", nothing is listed.  On the old Redhats, I'd
> run a "makewhatis" to finish the man install.  What do
> I do on Debian?

I think the program is mandb. It is part of the man-db package. This
should be done automatically, I think you might have been asked about
this during installation, but I'm not sure.

> 2) I'm having trouble getting Xwindows to run in
> anything but the lowest (320x240) mode.  Is xf86config
> the utitilty to set this up, or is there a smarter
> one?
> xf86cfg pops up a fine resolution, but doesn't seem to
> save it anywhere.
Simply look at your X configuration file:
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 or something
and look at the section and the end with modes listed
just add other ones.

Also you can run XFree86 -config to have X autodetect stuff and write
a sample config file, which should work with minor tweaking.

> 3) When I run locate, I get:
> locate: /var/lib/locate/locatedb: No such file or
> directory

Locate uses a database of all your files. You have to run "updatedb"
as root to set up this database. Debian by default should run this
every once in a while.

Hope this helps,

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