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Re: Hard disk won't spin down; what's accessing it?

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:44:57 -0400
Brian Kendig <brian@enchanter.net> wrote:

> I have my laptop's hard drive spindown timeout (hdparm -S) set to two 
> minutes, but the hard drive never spins down.  I figure this is because 
> there's some process hitting it more often than every two minutes.
> But I can't figure out what process is responsible for this.  It's not 
> the system logs; those aren't being written to that often.
> How do I find out what process is making disk accesses and keeping it 
> from spinning down?

If you're using a journalled file system (ext3, Reiserfs, JFS, XFS) that's
one reason.

By default ext3 writes changes to the drive every five seconds. I don't know
about the commit interval for the other filesystems.


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