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Re: SUCCESS ... Problem booting software RAID (woody)

On April 22, 2003 10:53 pm, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> I have read the raid howtos at tldp.org, checked the Debian FAQ and skimmed
> through the isntallation manual but I still haven't found the magic bullet
> to get this working.  Does anyone know of a Debian specific howto?  What
> might I be missing?  Must the raid support be compiled into the kernel
> statically ... I don't think so since my initrd does include it?

Ok, I finally gave up on using the stock Debian kernel and recompiled my 
kernel.  The only change I made from the stock Debian config was to make the 
raid modles static (not modular).  The system now boots into root raid just 

If anyone knows whether it's possible to boot a root raid with the stock 
Debian kernel please let me know ... perhaps some initrd tweaks?

Next thing to do is verify that I can boot off both disks, we'll see how that 
goes ;-)

Fraser Campbell <fraser@wehave.net>                 http://www.wehave.net/
Brampton, Ontario, Canada                                 Debian GNU/Linux

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