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Re: Problem booting software RAID (woody)

hi ya fraser

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> I have a minimal woody system up and running and am now trying to convert it 
> to software raid1.  Here is the current partitioning scheme:
>     /dev/md0 ext3     on /
>     /dev/md1 ext3     on /usr
>     /dev/md2 reiserfs on /tmp
>     /dev/md4 reiserfs on /home
>     /dev/md5 reiserfs on /var
>     /dev/md3 swap

what does your /etc/raidtab look like ?

what does your /etc/lilo.conf look like ?
   you should have:

is your partition type "fd" from fdisk -l /dev/hda  and /dev/hdb ?
	-- important if you expect to boot after one of the disks 
	is dead/failed/non-existent

- you really should move the 2nd disk to /dev/hdc otherwise
  it'd be pointless to have raid

- make sure your kernel supports raid, ext3, reiserfs w/o modules
  otherwise, you will need an initrd file that installs those modules

- you should not be defining "failed disks till it has in fact failed"
	- should stop the copying data to it

- various ( more detailed ) raid howto's 
	( you should check the upgrading from non-raid to become raid
	( section 
c ya

> The raid arrays are all raid1, made up of identical partitions from /dev/hda 
> and /dev/hdb.  The drives are both 80G Seagate Barracude ATA-IV.  What I have 
> done:
> - installed minimal woody system and applied security updates
> - changed all partitions to type fd (raid autodetect)
> - install raidtools2 and kernel-image-2.4.20-1-686 (from proposed-updates)
> - created a /etc/raidtab
> - /dev/hdb[1-6] devices are listed first as "raid-disk 0"
> - /dev/hda[1-6] devices are listed second as "failed-disk 1"
> - formatted the 6 required raid devices
> - copied (properly) all data over to raid devices
> - chroot into /dev/md0
> - modify /etc/fstab in chroot as appropriate
> - modified boot and root options in /etc/lilo.conf (within chroot) to
>   boot=/dev/md0 and root=/dev/md0
> - ran lilo
> Since the above did not work I also tried just installing lilo in the mbr 
> (boot=/dev/hda, root=/dev/md0) but without success.  I have done similar 
> conversions in the past with redhat systems (from 6.2 onwards) without any 
> problems.  

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