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Re: X11 Server for ms windows

Organ Grinder wrote:

> Does anyone know of a X11 Server for ms windows? I've seen some for
> windows but there all eval... I have to use w2k for my workstation
> otherwise it would be linux on my desktop and not a problem.

If this is for heavy lifting in a corporate environment, Exceed by
Hummingbird is the defacto standard in X servers for Windows. I qualify
this recommendation only to corporate use because it costs something
like $300, and the "3D" extension for it (for OpenGL) is another $150 or
something. But it works, and it works great. One of the nice things
about it (though I've never done this) is that you can setup scripts and
shortcuts for entire "sessions" that might connect to multiple machines
and launch multiple apps.

On this note, does anyone know of a SecureCRT-like app for Linux? That
product manages all the needed info about each connection, from type
(SSH, telnet) to terminal settings to fonts to, well, everything. It
would be nice to have this sort of convenience under Linux without
having to write a bunch of scripts.

Regards and thanks,

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