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IPX network issues / nprint fails with "close error" (fwd)


I have recently configured a debian machine that I intend to use as a
gateway from our legacy IPX network to our new TCP/IP only WAN.

The remaining IPX service is a printer to which the only access is via
Netware. With joy, I learned of the NCPFS package. I created a filter to
use with LPRng that would foward any jobs sent via lpr to our Netware
printer using nprint.

Only to discover...the dreaded "close error". When I try to use nprint,
every job fails with the uninformative "close error" as the only output.
I have found a few references to it online, but no solutions.

Does anyone know how I can get this to work? I know that the settings for
accessing the printer are correct, as I can connect to the queue and list
the contents fine using other NCPFS tools.

Anxiously awaiting your kind assistance,


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