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Re: OT: Databases

Jon Wood wrote:
On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 13:48, Andrew Perrin wrote:

I don't know about the "most popoular" -- what I've done in the past is to
use PostgreSQL as the back end, and then use perl to write frontends.
These front ends have sometimes been text-only, sometimes GUI using
Perl/Tk, and sometimes web-based using CGI.

An alternative to using Perl is (at the risk of starting a flame war :P)
PHP (php.net) which while originally designed as a web based language,
can now be used for text-only shell scripts and GTK based apps
(gtk.php.net). It also has excellent documentation for most things,
which as far I'm concerned makes it the best option around for script
type apps.

Using PEAR applications (pear.php.net) you can also get support for most
database options, and several other things.

I'm going to try PHP/MySQL/Apache because it seems ubiquitous, and there's
lots of PHP tutorials around.

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