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Re: winmodem

On Monday 21 April 2003 00:21, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> >I have an ibm a31p 2653n5u with a Agere Systems AC'97
> >Modem . this is a winmodem. with the help of the
> >members in this list i could get all other essential
> >h/w working on my laptop. i am trying to know if
> >someone managed to get this modem to work on this
> >laptop. this might need a linux driver can anyone
> >suggest any freely available driver for this modem ?
> Try http://ltmodem.heby.de/
> The drivers are not free (not completely open source because
> Lucent/Agere only provides a precompiled core code kit).  But if
> there is not a binary driver available for your distro/kernel combo
> you can download a partial source package and compile it yourself.

No i'm afraid this website isn't going to help you.

I have a A31, and the modem with these models is a Lucent/Agere AMR 
Modem. As you can see and is written in the site, there is currently no 
Linux driver for these AMR modems. Simply put it, it won't work.

I bought my machine back in December, and at the time, I contacted both 
Lucent and IBM many times. Lucent thanked me for suggesting to make a 
Linux driver (Urgh!), and IBM told me that they are working on a 
driver. That was back in december, and so I guess they are still 
working on a driver !!!!

If you need a modem, go and by a real PCMCIA thing. That's your only 
choice for now (I did the same).


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Aryan Ameri

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