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Debian on IBM ThinkPad T40?

Since I loved my ThinkPad T20, I'm contemplating on buying the new IBM
ThinkPad T40 and was wondering if anyone here had some experience with
getting Linux running on it. EmperorLinux sells them already, so I
assume it is possible, but the chips and hardware are so new, I'm not
sure what hoops have to be jumped through.

In particular:

- Pentium M

I assume that Linux will handle the new Pentium M and the Intel 855PM
motherboard chipset just fine.

- ATI Mobility Radeon 9000

How are the xfree drivers for this? Is it worth the expense, or should I
go with the Radeon 7500 or splurge on the Fire GL? Is there, or will
there ever be good 3D drivers in xfree, or will I only notice the
improvement playing games under, uh, windows.

- DVD/CD-RW Combo

Not sure of the manufacturer. Assume that it uses the generic IDE
drivers, but...

- 802.11 Wireless

They offer an IBM 802.11a/b option, and Cisco Aironet and Intel Pro
LAN 2100 3B 802.11b options. Will the existing Prism or Orinoco drivers
be able to drive the 802.11b portion of the IBM dual band card? If so,
I'd go with that and wait for the drivers to drive the other half.

- Bluetooth

This is an IBM Integrated Bluetooth with 56k modem. Historically,
they've been using winmodems which a few folks have actually gotten
working. How about this beast?

- Sound

Unknown, but it appears to be Sound Blaster Pro 16 compatible.

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