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Re: Users ready for Debian on the Desktop

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 17:53, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> * bob parker (bob_parker@dodo.com.au) [030417 11:58]:
> > Linux was ready for the desktop quite some time ago, especially Debian.
> > OK it's not that wonderful to install but how many Windows users install
> > their own system? Very few I'll bet.
> This is a very important but seldom realized point.  I invite anyone who
> claims that "Linux is hard to install" to attempt a ground-up install of
> any version of windows.
I do agree with that. Apart from the two reboots needed in the process you 
then need to go and manually install the correct drivers over the top of the 
default drivers. And then install your business apps. More reboots.

I think that the "not that wonderful to install" phrase I used should really 
be "sometimes hard to learn to install". Clearly once anyone knows what they 
are doing with Debian particularly it is a snap.

>From my own experience I found that Woody was easy enough to install on my 
Duron box with a TNT video card. 

But I am also staring to work on donated legacy boxes being recycled to give 
to underpriveledged people in my city. They mostly come with S3Trio and 
S3Virge 1 to 2 meg video cards. I am having a "learning experience" getting X 
started and/or running properly with those.

Still I will learn and then it will be easy enough :-)


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