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Re: VNC questions

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 13:54, Michael Naumann wrote:
> This is part of my problem, many howtos assume you are using
> gdm. Yet I'm running kdm here. I choose this display manager,
> since it has these extra features in its menu (shutdown, restart X)
> BTW, I'm only using kdm and kmail out of the kde suite, not 
> kde itself - I in favour for fvwm2.

KDM also has a very similar config option. Its in

> Not for me. Tried right now.
> ping www.tldp.org gives
>   PING www.tldp.org ( 56 data bytes
> but no replay (running several minutes now), thus my browser times out.

Try doing a tracepath (you might have to install that package first) to
try and find out where it fails. BTW, it works fine for me here.



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