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VNC questions

I want to thank everyone for the great suggestions so far, but I have another question.

I have the vncserver running on two machines on my home LAN. My firewall/router box (a 200MHz PPro) is running WindowMaker and my other machine (a 700MHz P3 laptop) has Gnome, KDE, and WindowMaker installed. When I vnc into my firewall/router box I get the WindowMaker Desktop (as I expect). But, when I vnc from my firewall/router box into the laptop, I would like to see a Gnome desktop but I get a KDE desktop.

The way I start the vncserver is by ssh'ing in to the machine (with the command line options for compression and forwarding ports 5901 and 5902 as appropriate) and then running 'vncserver :1 -geometry <resolution of machine I am sitting at>'. I normally use gdm to manage my login for the laptop, but since I am running vncserver after loginning into the shell, I imagine that is using some preset default. Any ideas on how to correct this? Am I missing something?

-Roberto Sanchez


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