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Re: Reiserfs Review

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On Wednesday 16 Apr 2003 11:23 pm, nate wrote:

> in my experience BadCRC indicates hardware problem, most often cables,
> are you using IDE cables that are longer then 18" ? Some controllers
> don't fair well with longer cables, that message is not critical, but
> I'd reccomend finding a way to correct it. IDE cable spec is for max
> length of 18", though longer cables(as long as 32") are available.

No - its a standard 80way cable - probably just under 18".  There is only one 
drive on it, and I plugged it onto the far end - I believe I have read 
somewhere that if you use the middle connector you have a nice aerial for 
other signals to screw you up.

> as for the VIA bug, there are many related to their IDE chipsets
> which is why I stopped using the onboard IDE on my VIA systems years
> ago(use Promise ATA/100 instead). There was a data curroption bug a
> year or two ago which was worked around by a bios upgrade,

I had this Motherboard about 2 and 1/2 years and I haven't done any BIOS 
upgrades on it.

> and a
> few other bugs, the bug that bit me was the system was unable to
> stay in DMA mode, it would revert to PIO quite often slowing down
> the system to a crawl(talking a 10x slowdown).

Maybe its time to consider a new Motherboard with a non Via chip in it?
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Alan Chandler
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