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Re: Reiserfs Review

First of all, I am a happy reiserfs user: it is fast,
and "works" most of the time. But, I have also read some
"horror" stories about both reiserfs and ext3.

- Our current policy is still using ext2 for the major 
  partitions such as "/", "/usr", et. al.
- Somehow, one of our "nntp" server (woody) has managed to 
  screw a reiserfs partition TWICE! Therefore, we are using 
  ext2 for the "/var/" directory.
- I once had "wget" an ISO file. Wget reports that the ISO 
  image was successfully downloaded. But, it was corrupted 
  (i.e. can not read more than 500MB out of 650 MB).

Just my Rp. 200.-

Abdul Latip -- Angkasa Internet Junior Staff -- ANGIN.com
http://people.WebIndonesia.com/dullatip/ ----------------

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