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Re: ppp over null modem cable

On 2003-04-16 16:04:51 +0100, Pigeon wrote:
> But I reckon you'll find it MUCH EASIER to get a couple of NICs and
> a crossover cable and set up a regular ethernet connection (it's
> nothing like as hard to configure as you might think and it's a
> sight easier than messing around with serial ports!) I guess both
> your 486 and your "slightly more modern" box both have an ISA bus,
> and you don't have to pay for ISA NICs these days, so this needn't
> cost anything.

The PII has two NIC:s (it's my firewall), and actually the 486 has one
too. The reason I decided to try serial cable was that the NIC on the
486 seemed to flake out about an hour after powerup (and wouldn't
workg again until the next day), and getting worse.

But yeah, I guess you're right. The problem is that just because they
don't cost anything doesn't mean they're easy to find. :-(

Karl Hasselström, kha@treskal.com

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