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Re: xcdroast coasters

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 10:17:28AM -0400, tallison@tacocat.net wrote:
> Someone on Debian-User pointed out that my drive doesn't support DAO mode,
> which I was specifying.  I will try that and then look into shopping.
> As for the price...  Local stores arent much better than $100 from my
> quick walk-through last night.
> This is a bad week.  Right after I failed on another CD-burn, my KVM died!
> grr..
> If I clean up this DAO error and it still doesn't fly, then I'll probably
> junk it for something else.  But I was under the impression that Ricoh
> didn't make really crappy drives.  At least not when I bought it (four
> years ago?).

I don't think they're as good at making computer stuff as they are at
photographic equipment. There was some other class of peripheral where
I remember people having problems with Ricoh's product, a few years
ago - think it might have been laser printers.

Good luck!


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