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Re: Newbie problems

nate writes:
I am using Knoppix 3.1 which is based on Debian unstable. I am having
following problems:
(1.) On the Console I am not able to log on as root, I get an
authentication  failure,though on X it is logging me in. However on
console if I log in as  any other user I am allowed to do so. If I
understand correct, there must be  some config file for this, please
suggest what to do.

check /etc/securetty

I checked, if I am correct this file contains a list of ttys from where root can login. It had entries such as - console, tty01 - tty12. So the root should be able to login from the console and any of the tty's. Please suggest what should I check next.
Ajitabh Pandey

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