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Re: partitioning under debian and access to removable drives

Ricardo said:
> Hi. My name is Ricardo. I have 4 partitions on my hdd:  /, /swap and the
> anothers that i would like to associate to  /home and /downloads. do i
> have to do like i did with my cdrom and cdrw:
> mkdir /cdrom
> mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/hd/x //cdrom ...?/

if the filesystem is supported:

mount /dev/DEVICE /mountpoint


mkdir /mnt/disk2
mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/disk2

if you get an error saying about the filesystem type, then the
filesystem is not supported by your kernel, email the list again
and include fdisk -l /dev/hda output (or whatever disk your trying
to mount, be sure to fdisk -l on the DISK not the partition)

> /do i have to do something like this(something familiar)?
> what can i do or were can i get help(i've been searching and have found
> nothing)?

the man page for mount has a lot of info on mounting filesystems,
also check the manpage on fstab as well to mount filesystems on boot.

> p.s.-i'm having problems  accessing my floppy(1.4) and  zip100 ide  drive.
> it gives an error of input/output, what sould i do?

be sure there is a disk in the drive when mounting, the floppy device
is /dev/fd0 by default, the Zip ide, depends, run a fdisk -l /dev/hdX
where X is the device that has your zip disk, I can't remember ever
using a zip disk but at least in the case of JAZ disks you could
partition them, maybe you need to specify a partition when mounting
the zip ?


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