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Re: Reiserfs Review

I haven't followed this thread as closely as I wish I had, but here's my
story.  I have an 80Gb drive that houses most of my CDs.  It was
formatted with ext3, and ran happily for about a year.  Then one
morning, the entire system jammed.  I had to power cycle to get it back,
and it wouldn't boot, complaining about the 80Gb drive.  I booted to
single and removed the 'auto' from /etc/fstab and got the system back

>From everything I could see in the log files and based on many google
searches, the drive was toast.  One post went so far as to say I'd be
better off throwing it away.

However, being the optimistic Linux user that I am, I fired up fdisk,
trashed and recreated the partition, and formatted it as ReiserFS.  It's
been running quite well ever since, happily pumping my absolutely, 100%
legal CDs through my surround sound. (Fortunately, I keep a backup.  You
try ripping 400+ CDs and see if you don't keep one too.)

I have a couple of other systems running extremely well with ReiserFS,
be it /, /var, /usr or otherwise.  4 are major DNS servers, some are
webservers, one is a Sendmail failover.  None have ever cause me one
iota of trouble.  

But, as in all things, YMMV.

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 20:45, Abdul Latip wrote:
> First of all, I am a happy reiserfs user: it is fast,
> and "works" most of the time. But, I have also read some
> "horror" stories about both reiserfs and ext3.
> However:
> - Our current policy is still using ext2 for the major 
>   partitions such as "/", "/usr", et. al.
> - Somehow, one of our "nntp" server (woody) has managed to 
>   screw a reiserfs partition TWICE! Therefore, we are using 
>   ext2 for the "/var/" directory.
> - I once had "wget" an ISO file. Wget reports that the ISO 
>   image was successfully downloaded. But, it was corrupted 
>   (i.e. can not read more than 500MB out of 650 MB).
> Just my Rp. 200.-
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