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Kthememgr problem

I am experiencing this problem with KDE theme manager: See this link:

I'm running Woody with KDE 2.2.2-14.2. When I go into Control
Center>Look and Feel>Theme Manager I have a good list of themes, but
when I click on a theme name I get this message: Sorry - Theme does not
contain a .themerc nor a .theme file.

I've searched Google. There have been other postings with this problem
but with no solution. I've searched the kde.org kde-user archives with
no success. I've searched the debian-kde archives with no success.
Because this is the highest volume mailing list I thought I would first
post this here. 

At the end of the above bug page they say it's fixed in KDE 3.1rc6. Does
anybody know how to fix this problem in Woody with KDE 2.2.2? Or do I
have to wait until I can upgrade to 3.1.1? I know there are KDE 3.1
packages availabe for Woody, but I'm trying to stay stable. 

Any recommendations?

Thank you very much!	

Thanks  [;-)

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