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Re: xcdroast coasters

nate wrote:
I've heard a lot of good things about xcdroast.
But I have never EVER made anything but coasters with this one.  However,
it did work in Windows and it can burn very small ISO's (gentoo
installation CD).

is your drive a SCSI drive or IDE using ide-scsi? I've only used
SCSI drives, perhaps ide is different. Also XCDRoast is only a frontend
to cdrecord, which most linux apps use for burning cds, if you get coasters
in XCDroast chances are good you'll get them in other apps too. what
kind of CD-R media are you using?

Memorex CD-write media 800MB

Given those two points of success, I am going to keep trying.

However, I have one question.  If my fifo buffer get's filled up, isn't
setting it to 16MB going to just defer the problem until more data has
been copied?  I mean, it doesn't sound like it will actually "fix"
anything.  But if I'm lucky the problem will appear at about 1,000MB of
data, far outside of a normal CD's maximum capacity.

keeping the buffer full is important, the fuller the buffer the better.
if the buffer drops off that means your system is too slow to keep the
data flowing to the drive. The buffer keeps the stuff in fast memory where
it can be transferred much quicker to the CD burner then if it were to
read from a disk.

also are you trying to burn 'on the fly' ? or are you making an image
first then burning? I make images before burning always ..

I always build the image on the hard drive first.

so from my understanding of what you said above your understanding of
the buffer is backwards. Next time you burn a CD can you include the
full output of whats in the 'details' section of X cdroast? it prints
out a buncha stuff which I think you can just highlight and middle
click to another app to paste. from your original email it looked to
me like the burn went successfully with 0 errors.


Are you sure your not in simulation mode?(theres a checkmark on the
"write CD" part of XCDroast when your about to burn on the right that
has simulation mode, default is off I think. Is your CD-R burning at
the proper speed?(e.g. your not trying to burn faster then the drive
is rated), if it's an IDE CD-R is the drive on it's own channel?


No, these are not simulated coasters!  :)

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