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Re: xcdroast coasters

Tom Allison said:
> This is the best I've been able to get out of Xcdroast now for a year. I
> have a RICOH 7040A CD-RW.
> What's this about the FIFO buffer being full?

xcdroast has a internal buffer setting to buffer stuff to ram before
sending it to the CDR, it means I believe that the buffer always had
data in it(meaning the buffer was big enough to keep the drive
supplied with data at the specified speed), and the lowest the buffer
ever got was 81% of capacity. the drive buffer(usually a 2-8MB cache
on the drive itself) was always 100% full(any drops in this can
cause buffer underruns and a bad burn). you can tune the buffer
settings in xcdroast's setup, I usually set it at the max, which
I think is 16MB.

I've never EVER burned a coaster in xcdroast, been using it for probably
at least 4 years(long before it became a GTK app), I love it.


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