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Re: Networking - dhcp-client

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 04:34 pm, <ajlakin@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
Clive, you certainly get me thinking.

Let us review what I already have:

A cable comes into my house and a surfboard cable modem is attached to the end. It has it's own DHCP server to negotiate a lease with whatever I hang off the end of it.

The modem used to be attached to my mandrake/win98 PC (avocet) and the MAC is registered with Blueyonder so that the Surfboard will play > ball.

I then decided to build a Smoothwall server so that I would have a robust firewall and also a router. Obviously I had to register the MAC of the outward facing card in the Smoothwall server as this would now be connected to the Surfboard and I connected a 9 port hub to the inward facing NIC to accomodate avocet and teal.

I am not anything like an expert but maybe establishing a second DHCP server on the Smoothwall to assign internal addresses may work better - you may need to disable the modem dhcp server to do this and just assign an IP address to the Smoothwall manually.

The above solution worked flawlessly, with one small ommission - teal would not co-operate (dunce - win95 on the same box works fine).

or: Can you not manually assign an IP address to Teal (on the Debian side). Assuming that your DHCP server assigns numbers in the range to 255, just pick a number that is not assigned and manually assign it to teal with something like

"ifconfig eth0 netmask" where 25 is an unused address.

If I can't crack this teal network problem by trying to fix the dhcp client side (which has to be the problem because ever other combination works) then I have the following options:

Obtain some Woody CDs and then try again with a revitalised teal


Try plugging the cable directly into teal to see if the dhcp client will talk directly to the surfboard so that I can upgrade to Woody that way


Try setting up static IPs on the network and see if I can get Smoothwall to do the client side stuff with the surfboard - this is new territory for me (as is most of it) and I am not sure whether I'll also need to look at IP masquerading as well?
Our Vigor also acts as the DHCP server and assigns addresses on the network - the static address is to the outside world.
Now if I understand you correctly wouldn't my last option be doing the same as your vigor 2200 i.e. connect to cable and act as a router?

In summary, I believe the chain of connections should be:

Cable Modem to Smoothwall (DHCP) server (assigning IP addresses to the PC's on the local network) to your hub/switch to individual PC's each of which obtains its IP address from the DHCP server or if that fails assign an address manually to Teal.

I hope that this is not too confusing ('cos I think I'm now confused ;-))

Keep at it ;-)




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