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mtools and Japanese characters


I have got a dual-boot machine with Debian Woody and the Japanese
version of MS Windows 98 SE (not for myself), and I thought I could
use mtools to back up the VFAT partitions in a little script that
manipulates the archive bit.  (I could not do that by simply mounting
the VFAT partition, since there is no archive bit in struct stat.)

The problem is that there are (lots of) files with Japanese characters
in the file name (including the profiles of people with Japanese
names).  They appear all as underscores in mtools to me, like this.

    marco@pika:~$ mdir C:/WINDOWS/Profiles/
     Volume in drive C is MS-DOS_6   
     Volume Serial Number is 292A-8423
    Directory for C:/WINDOWS/Profiles

    .            <DIR>     02-05-2001  19:54 
    ..           <DIR>     02-05-2001  19:54 
    ö¬Ådôç~1     <DIR>     02-05-2001  19:54  ___ __
    MARCO        <DIR>     02-05-2001  20:00  marco
    ALLUSE~1     <DIR>     12-22-2001  17:20  All Users
	    5 files                   0 bytes
			    481 787 904 bytes free


Am I missing something here?
For example, do I need to set a certain locale for this to work?
Or is it a missing feature, aka bug, and should I file a bug report?

Any idea how I could do what I want, maybe using another package,
given that I want to use the archive bit from Debian GNU/Linux?


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