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RE: Networking - dhcp-client

Clive says:

>Hi Alan

>Rather than obtaining IP addresses from your ISP it would be preferable 
>to front your system with a router (with integral firewall).  If you 
>haven't got a PC to create one with, a dedicated router might be the 

>We've use the Vigor 2600 ADSLModem/router which works out of the box 
>(just need to configure through a browser window) There is a 2200 model 
>which is just the router.  You then assign private IP address inside 
>your network but to the outside world you have one static IP address.

>You can then hang as many PC's off the back of the router by adding 
>extra switches - we've got a 4 port router plus an 8 port Netgear FS108 
>switch which gives us a max capacity of 10 devices (PC's) - 2 ports are 
>used to join the router to the switch.

Clive, you certainly get me thinking.

Let us review what I already have:

A cable comes into my house and a surfboard cable modem is attached to the end. It has it's own DHCP server to negotiate a lease with whatever I hang off the end of it.

The modem used to be attached to my mandrake/win98 PC (avocet) and the MAC is registered with Blueyonder so that the Surfboard will play ball.

I then decided to build a Smoothwall server so that I would have a robust firewall and also a router. Obviously I had to register the MAC of the outward facing card in the Smoothwall server as this would now be connected to the Surfboard and I connected a 9 port hub to the inward facing NIC to accomodate avocet and teal.

The above solution worked flawlessly, with one small ommission - teal would not co-operate (dunce - win95 on the same box works fine).

If I can't crack this teal network problem by trying to fix the dhcp client side (which has to be the problem because ever other combination works) then I have the following options:

Obtain some Woody CDs and then try again with a revitalised teal


Try plugging the cable directly into teal to see if the dhcp client will talk directly to the surfboard so that I can upgrade to Woody that way


Try setting up static IPs on the network and see if I can get Smoothwall to do the client side stuff with the surfboard - this is new territory for me (as is most of it) and I am not sure whether I'll also need to look at IP masquerading as well?

Now if I understand you correctly wouldn't my last option be doing the same as your vigor 2200 i.e. connect to cable and act as a router?  

       Alan Lakin
Wallington, Surrey

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