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Re: Neighbour table overflow

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003 06:32:20 -0700
Michael S Daines <ax2groin@arbornet.org> wrote:

> I get a lot of these messages, saying "Neighbour table overflow" during
> boot.  They don't seem to do anything horrific, since everything is (was,
> my fault) working fine as far as I can tell.  Can someone explain the
> nature of this error message, and point me in a direction on how I might
> be able to eliminate them?  I'm running Woody (r0) on a Dell laptop.

Googling on "neighbor table overflow" tells me you're not the only one to
wonder about this. Here's one answer:


I'm not sure if the suggested fix applies or not but the explanation seems
to make sense.


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