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Re: Sid and make xconfig problems

>> On Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:57:02 GMT,
>> Danilo Raineri <raidan77@tin.it> said: 

 > Hi, I am a Linux newbie runnning Sid.  Today I tried to make a new
 > kernel package following the excellent instructions I found at

 > http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.html

 > However, when I try make xconfig I get the following error:

 > : $ make xconfig : rm -f include/asm : ( cd include ; ln -sf
 > asm-i386 asm) : make -C scripts kconfig.tk : make[1]: Entering
 > directory `/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.20/scripts' : gcc -o tkparse
 > tkparse.o tkcond.o tkgen.o : collect2: ld terminated with signal 11
 > [Segmentation fault] : make[1]: *** [tkparse] Error 1 : make[1]:
 > Leaving directory `/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.20/scripts' : make:
 > *** [xconfig] Error 2

 > I double checked the version numbers in all the required packages
 > and tried a bit of googling, but I am stuck :/

	binutils broke yesterday, a fixed version is now in incoming,
 and dinstall run later this hour would bring it into the archive.

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